650b - Not Just For MTB

February 12th, 2014

A lot of you might will be surprised to see a dropbar 650b bike in our 2014 range (Col du Glandon). Whilst the ‘inbetweener’ wheel size is the current hot trend in the mtb world, we’ve been thinking outside of the box somewhat and have deemed it the ideal basis for an alternative format jack-of-all-trades dropbar bike aimed at both shorter and younger riders. Here’s why...
Montana, Wyoming, Colorado After three days of excellent relaxation and rest, a salmon omelette and a few peanut butter pancakes to replenish our reserves, we left Missoula, Montana in early September. We could relax because we would only really encounter some wolverines in this trapper state. Along the Black Foot River, flayed by fly-fishermen, we would sing our favourite songs, lugg..

Benji Goes Bikepacking

November 27th, 2013

Benji Haworth and Ed Oxley head to the hills for a bikepacking adventure! A pair of mountain bikes. A bunch of frame bags. A couple of GoPro cameras. The rumour of a bothy. A map. All we needed was a plan. But we don't like plans. We like adventures. Plans are restrictive. Adventures are fun. Ed and I had a couple of days free to spend entirely on bikes somewhere. We chose to ..

Volare vs. Mt. Etna

October 25th, 2013

Team rider and Madison Press Officer has just returned from Italy where he was putting the Volare Team production bike through it's paces in the tough volcanic Italian landscape. He was kind enough to jot down some words and send us some snaps. Over to Chris... "Back in August, during Eurobike, Cyclist Magazine Deputy Editor, Stu Bowers approached me to see whether I would be inter..
The air was hot and dry when we left Edmonton. Ahead of us, in the distance, the Rockies and the Great Divide, our path for the coming months, overshadowed by stormy anthracite-coloured clouds.  Like the first day, like every day, we could only pedal along and wait and see what would this adventure would drop on our heads. Memories of good times spent with Marion’s cousin Pierre..
Echos from Edmonton We’ve finally arrived in Edmonton, Alberta, safe & sound. We’re in the heart of a kingdom of petroleum, shale gas and rapeseed.  In the perfectly manicured grassy farmyards, the green and yellow combine harvesters are preparing for the big hoedown at the end of the summer. Before the first frosts, they’ll need to fill up the silos, th..