There has been a trend for longer forks in recent years as forks with 5″ / 125mm or more travel have become lighter and frames have been designed to get the best from them. However ‘more is better’ is an easy marketing story too. ‘Do you think longer travel forks on my bike is a good idea?’ is a tricky question as it depen..

UK - orientated mountain bikes need more mud room than bikes used in California, that’s nothing new. But how much is enough? Many of us are happy using one tyre all year round, a compromise pattern that suits the mixed nature of trails. Otherwise a general-use pair (a 2.2-2.3″ size is most common) and a pair of winter / mud tyres will suit most conditions well. Eithe..

Riders often talk about what fork travel a bike is warrantied / designed for, and discussions about what 20mm more or less travel will do to a bikes handling and whether it will invalidate a frame’s warranty are common. What’s most important to consider is the axle-to-crown height of the fork, not the travel. For example, some bikes are warratied up to 130mm only,..

Our inspiration comes from a desire to improve the ride. We can choose from other manufacturer’s components to give the best set-up but it’s the frame that has the greatest influence on ride feel. Luckily it’s the component that can be most adapted to perform way we need it to. Whilst you could fit the same parts kits used on our bikes to most com..