There will be ice

January 4th, 2009

Training is coming along nicely with some consistency back into my approach to riding, i struck lucky with Christmas week being my first scheduled rest week so it was alot lighter which was welcomed not because i needed a break but i spent the holidays at my parents in Newcastle.. briefly returning to Manchester to pick Grace up.. so with all the traveling it was difficult to get access to a gym a..

Death of a trail

December 21st, 2008

Over the past few weeks since Helvellyn i've been getting back into the swing of a structured training plan.. working with Mark (Forgy) again for 2009... last year it worked really well with constant contact between the 2 of us we worked a really good programme and before my forced break i was in best biking shape of my life, unfortunately we didn't get to fully test the form but 2009 should be a ..

Snow and Ice

November 30th, 2008

With Grace away for the weekend and nobody around to play with i decided on a solo mission to the Lakes... Helvellyn was the mountain of choice as the route i had ridden before so no navigational issues and i knew the descent down sticks pass was worth the 'hike and bike, to the top.. plus the chance to ride in snow is always fun and since we rarely see snow at low level these days the summit o..

WOR Events - Pedal Power Enduro

November 25th, 2008

After missing out on an entry to the first round of the Thetford Winter Series, a series that has always been my winter highlight, i was looking for something else... enter a brand new race series based in Wales so not far from my new base of Manchester... Pedal Power Enduro 3hr. WOR Events are experienced race organisers, all be it in the field of Off Road Motor Biking, so a well organised rac..

Big Days Riding

November 4th, 2008

Its the off season.. well as close to an off season as mountain bikers get, with the new popularity of winter enduros the racing season is now year round. This doesn't leave much time for getting back to riding for ridings sake.. no agenda.. no intervals.. certainly no heart rate monitor.. just bikes, friends and big days out. I have been keeping a low profile, swimming, turbo training, spin..

Blog.. not a pretty word really

November 4th, 2008

But it’s a very useful tool. We’ve always had a contact facility on the Genesis site as we value feedback and want you to have a simple way to contact us; the enquiries are read and replied to by our bike designers. This year we’ve added a blog facility so we can add anything, anytime. But we’re too busy to post amusing musings on..