Genesis 2018 // MTB

Genesis 2018 // MTB

September 11th, 2017

Mantle, Tarn, Longitude Keeping those knobbly tyres rolling with the latest geometry and specs for a lifetime of mud filled epic adventures out in the wilderness. MANTLE Introducing a new XC epic race / adventure bike! The Mantle allows the inner endurance athlete..

Genesis 2018 // Adventure - Multisport Part One

Fugio, Datum, Tour de Fer Almost a brand within a brand, our adventure multisport category is packed full of bestsellers. These bikes have conquered everything from ultra-long distance races, numerous continent crossings and chaotic commutes. Whatever crazy cycling antic you have planned, we’re sure we’ll have the bike/bikes to suit. ..

Colour and spec updates for selected 2018 bikes

Ahead of the full range announcement in early September, we are pleased to announce the first models from the MY18 range! These bikes are a selection of the core models that have helped to build the reputation for innovation and quality that we are quite rightly proud of. Bikes like the Croix de Fer, which was thrashing around off-road before gravel bikes were cool, and th..

Genesis Bicycle Club : Barry Godin | A Journey Across Wales

A Journey Across Wales - Liverpool to Cardiff from Barry Godin on Vimeo.   A Journey Across Wales – North to South Coast By Barry Godin   Its 4AM in the morning and as I had only just finished planning my route three hours prior, it was an effort to drag myself out of bed..

The Madison Genesis Team Bike

If you follow domestic road racing at all then no doubt you’ll have seen the Madison Genesis team at the head of the field! Now in their fourth season, the iconic blue and orange colours have gained quite a reputation and following across the country. Not only do the team riders race and train on Genesis bikes, we worked in cl..

Genesis Bicycle Club : Joss Livesey | PEDALS2PINNACLES

In March 2016 Joss Livesey quit his job, broke out, and embarked on a wild, outlandish expedition he dubbed PEDALS2PINNACLES (P2P). Jossys Journey from Jess James on Vimeo. P2P comprised Joss’ three great passions; travel, cycling and mountaineering. The aim was to reach the highest point of all forty-two coun..